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Welcome to Salient Insights!

How To Develop Skills and Confidence to Be Become Great at Growing Your Business

You’ve arrived at the Educational Hub of SalientMap. Here you will find an ongoing series of Articles designed to help you develop the skills and confidence to be great at growing your business.

Salient Insights begins with an introductory series which feature my primary services of Consulting, Coaching and Training. Learn the fundamentals of each service, what’s involved, and the benefits they provide to solve your problems. Become well informed how these services will work for you. Even if you are immersed with another resource - I can still help. I have ideas for you!

Beyond this “launch series” expect a broader range of Articles on topics which impact your business daily. Subject matters range from introductory to advanced; all are written with you in mind. They aim to be practical, and offer tips, tools and several techniques you can apply to your business today.

Why Now?

I launched SalientMap in 2016. From the outset, I noticed a demand for my services. Yet, my original website lacked the Salient Insights component. With steady and flowing work, a limited time factor kept me from offering on-line valuable information to those searching, and in need of help.

Now that changes.

As my business - with a wonderfully diverse roster of clients - grew steadily, I became enamored with that special moment when clients recognized breakthrough. You know the feeling I’m talking about - that potent thrill of excitement and optimism when you recognize something new will be BIG for you and your business.

I became driven by this feeling, and wanted to help more people experience it.

Since I could only see a limited number of clients in a live or virtual environment, Salient Insights developed as the pathway to provide additional value to a broader audience.

Salient Insights also scratches a second itch of mine which is a love of teaching. “Teach, Don’t Tell,” is one of my guiding principles (read more on my ABOUT PAGE). Simply ‘fixing’ a client issue without explaining the rationale, principles or methodology results in a temporary lift, and often a drop back to old habits.

Developing skills and confidence within the organization leads to sustainable growth. Therefore through teaching, not telling, I show companies how to help themselves. And that's a breakthrough!

What’s on Your Mind?

Let’s hear your requests...

If you have a concept within the parameters of consulting, coaching or training and you want to learn more, please let me know.

If you struggle with an organizational idea in your business where you feel stuck and frustrated, share it with me.

If you believe an opportunity or challenge may be tackled on your own, yet you could use the comfort/security of expertise, reach out, I’m here.

Where possible, I’ll take your requests and publish articles which directly improve your skills, confidence and ability to grow your business.

Relevancy for my audience interests me most. So, let’s hear it.

Takeaway or Delivery

Make sure to visit Salient Map often for the latest insights to “takeaway” and share with your team.

Or, if you prefer delivery, click here ; when published, Salient Insights will arrive directly to your inbox.

Salient Relationships

Whether you become a client or remain a friend from a distance, I value all my relationships. I am grateful for the trust you place in me and hope I can exponentially reciprocate through value to you and your business.




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