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Reduce Turnover and Retain Your Highest Performers By Supporting Their Success

Help Them Think, Act, and Perform Like a C-Level Executive ™ With Executive Coaching to Develop Your Early Career Professionals


Elite Training for the Next Generation of Leaders

There is a rising frustration among Early Career Professionals that a lack of experience and real-world professional skills is denying them the impact, recognition and opportunity they desire at work. They crave development, but they need someone to show them the way. Without these things, they begin to look at returning to school, or for a role elsewhere that will be more challenging and help them grow.

You care about the next generation of talent but you may not currently have the infrastructure available to cultivate it. But if left unaddressed, chances are high your most promising employees will move on, and you will need to replace them with a new junior person—wasting time and valuable resources training new hires and bringing them up to speed. And the longer this cycle continues, the worse it is for your business.

Finding a replacement is draining, expensive and disruptive. It takes up to a year with significant cost and time investment to have a new employee recruited, hired, trained, capable, and performing in their new role. Losing good people is bad for business, but you don’t have the right solution to keep your newer team members engaged, enthusiastic, and contributing to the growth of your organization.

Executive Coaching Built for Early Career Professionals helps companies invest in their employees and demonstrate their commitment to the growth and development of their key talent, helping build loyalty, trust, and most critically ... keeping them on the team.

Exponential Benefits—Everybody Wins

Investing in transformational training for your Early Career Professionals (ECPs) is the epitome of corporate responsibility, because it gives a much needed boost to every aspect of the organization. By helping your ECPs grow, your company culture, productivity, and profits will grow as well.

And the ancillary benefits extend well beyond the scope of the curriculum:

  • Grow your Company quicker. By trusting your skilled and confident ECPs with greater responsibilities and higher-value projects, you can reduce the dependency on senior leadership to drive your business forward.

  • Fix a massive Organizational gap. Give your ECPs the critically-needed, elite plug-and-play training you want them to have ... but can’t provide due to lack of time, resources, expertise, or support.

  • Increase loyalty, morale, and retention. Help your ECPs achieve the impact and influence they desire at work, while they earn the recognition they crave.

  • Dramatically reduce the enormous costs of turnover: recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, losing employees, along with their company experience and knowledge ... and then starting over.

Make the winning move for your company and your people by training your Early Career Professionals to Think, Act, and Perform like a C-Level Executive ™.

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“Your principal moral obligation as a leader is to develop—day by day—the skillset, ‘soft’ and ‘hard,’ of every one of the people in your charge to the maximum extent of your abilities. The good news: This is also the #1 mid- to long-term ... profit maximization strategy!”

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—Tom Peters, Business and Strategy Guru

How the ECP Program Works ...

Over the course of 12 weeks, participants are taken through three complete learning units, with each unit focusing on a different aspect of the Think, Act, Perform structure.

Each unit contains a series of learning modules, with a specific focus such as Time Management, Speaking, and Presenting, or Your Attitude. These videos are short (the longest one isn’t even 15 minutes) so they’re more easily digestible and can be consumed on-demand later as needed. As part of each lesson, there is also a wide variety of additional content, including “catchphrase”-style affirmations and mantras, action steps, and more.

Additionally, the program gives your Early Career Professionals twelve weeks of live mentorship to help them get the most of the content. They’ll also have the support of a small cohort of their peers, all working together to challenge themselves as they learn. These cohorts are capped at 20 participants, so they remain focused and personal.

As a group, they’ll learn breakthrough strategies, and acceleration hacks that unlock the professional skills they need to enhance their impact and influence at work. These elite trainings include mindset, accountability, organization, productivity, presentation, and professionalism, so your ECPs can form strong executive behavior foundations.

They’ll also be able to apply their new skill immediately through implementation exercises and assignments that will challenge them to use their new tools and talents, and the peer-driven community of support and mutual learning will ensure these transformational behaviors “stick.”

At the end of the training, participants will receive a Certification and Record of Completion, validating that your Early Career Professionals are ready to generate greater impact for your organization.

A Look Inside… 

The video below, clipped from the introductory module, offers a glimpse into the transformative training curriculum empowering your Early Career Professionals to Think, Act, and Perform like a C-Level Executive™

Time to unleash the awesome potential of your Early Career Professionals and redefine the future of both your Team and your Organization.

So, to Recap ...

The Early Career Professionals Program gives your team access to:

  • 12 Week Training Program with rolling start dates. The program begins as soon as the cohort is full, so your team doesn’t have to wait for a specific date to get started.

  • 41 bite-sized video lessons, totaling over 4 hours, so your team members can learn in the way that suits them best. And when they’ve completed one lesson, the next will be made available to them shortly, and once unlocked, videos remain accessible throughout the course.

  • 12 Live Training Calls with Executive Coach Oliver Gleeson, so participants can get answers to their questions, advice on how to overcome challenges, and support from their cohort of like-minded peers.

  • Hybrid Format - so team members can study the week’s lessons and content whenever they’re able! Plus, participants have access to affirmations, action steps, and exercises for each module in addition to the video lessons and live coaching calls.

  • A small community of similarly development-minded learners. Cohorts are capped at 20 participants to ensure personalized attention and a strong bond between students.

$3,497 USD per team member investment (Group pricing available, schedule a call to find out more)

Ready to learn more about the Early Career Professionals Program?

Meet the Coach, Oliver J. Gleeson

Hi, I’m Oliver Gleeson. I’m an Executive Coach, Consultant, and Trainer. Through my company, SalientMap Executive Consultancy, I help C-Level Executives (CEOs, COOs, CFOs, etc.), Business Owners, and their Teams develop the skills and confidence to become great at growing their business.

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Although I’ve been privileged to impact organizations at the highest levels, I also have a real soft spot for mentoring Early Career Professionals and helping their careers take flight. See, I struggled mightily during the formative years of my career, often unsure of what to do and feeling I had to figure it out on my own.

I know first hand the frustration, aggravation, and draining confidence brought on by a lack of experience and real-world professional skills.

Hate is a very strong word that I rarely use, but if I am being brutally honest though, I hated that feeling.

So much so, that I made it my primary area of focus at every stage of my career to share, teach, and mentor Early Career Professionals at every opportunity.

I don’t want anyone else to feel how I felt.

I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve pulled aside an Early Career Professional and said “this took me 5 years to learn. I’m going to teach you this in 5 minutes!”

To share this knowledge and see Early Career Professionals apply, succeed, and grow quickly is beyond satisfying. It never gets old.

And this is what I want to do with you.

My goal is to help your team overcome feelings of frustration and insecurity due to a lack of experience and real-world professional skills, so that they can begin to grow into their roles as your organization’s future leaders as quickly as possible.

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“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

Sir Richard Branson.png

—Sir Richard Branson, Entrepreneur

What ECP Program Graduates Are Saying:

“The executive coaching program has been a fantastic experience.  Going into the program I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Each week the modules are easily digestible.  Each week I found myself either grabbing something new or getting affirmation on my existing skills.  The one thing that is 100% a game changer is the weekly calls.  This is where I found the biggest growth.  Sharing experiences and information with like minded peers was something in the first week I was a little skeptical about.  As the course went on, I found these calls where the biggest growth happened.  I left this course feeling more confident than I ever have about being a leader.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to unlock their potential.”

—Josh S.

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“The Executive Coaching Program was one of the best professional learning opportunities I've received in my career so far. The comprehensive, thorough and very digestible curriculum provided me with practical skills and knowledge that I am able to immediately apply in my role. The program's emphasis on real-world application allowed me to hone new skills through useful exercises and feedback sessions. Oliver (our coach) was not only a knowledgeable expert in this field, but also incredibly supportive and provided invaluable insights and guidance throughout the journey. As a result of this program, I've gained a new perspective on leadership and communication and feel I have equipped myself with the tools and confidence to drive meaningful change within my career. I wholeheartedly endorse this program to any Early Career Professional seeking to enhance their abilities and unlock their full potential”

—Leah O.

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“I entered the program having already completed multiple career trainings for people early in the workforce; however, none of my prior trainings felt quite as practical and precise as Executive Coaching for Early Career Professionals. I left the program feeling more aware of what I bring to my team, and even more confident to speak up and advocate for ideas that I believe are important. The program also validated some of my preexisting values and ideas and gave me space to articulate with my peer group challenges I faced as I pushed myself to grow. Oliver's approach as an instructor is both encouraging and affable, and his pedagogy actively engages the participant without overwhelming their schedule. I would gladly recommend this program to any early career professional!”

—Justin S.

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“As an early career professional, who didn’t have prior work experience before my current role, I often feel like I lack the skills and training I need to be more effective and efficient. I did not have any other experience or perspective on other ways in which work can be done. Participating in the program has given me the opportunity to hear perspectives from other people and learn different techniques on how I can organize and improve my work.
The advice, learnings, and tips from the course helped me gain the foundational skills that I wanted to improve on. Each module prompted me to reflect on how I am currently doing on each topic and motivated me to make changes to be more present and productive. I looked forward to each session because Oliver created a very welcoming learning environment where all of us could be comfortable to share our thoughts and the challenges that we have been facing. I gained a lot of different perspectives from my peers and it was reassuring to know that we are all going through the same challenges. Hearing how they overcome challenges they face gave me motivation to overcome mine as well.
Since participating in the program, I have become more confident in my skills. I participate and speak more during important discussions, I ask more questions, and I think more analytically about other approaches to accomplish my tasks and goals. I now embrace my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses which I continuously aim to improve on. Oliver Gleeson is an excellent coach and his guidance has greatly helped me become more impactful in my organization. I highly recommend this program to other early career professionals who are looking into honing their professional and leadership skills.”

—Sheila D.

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“Participating in this course was a revitalizing experience for me as an early career professional. I often found myself facing frustrating questions at work, such as, "I've been working hard all week, but it feels like nothing important got done," or "What do I do in this politically sensitive situation?" 


The course, with its comprehensive curriculum, provided me with the tools and answers I needed to address these questions and many others. Oliver's guidance was not only enlightening but also supportive. His availability to address my concerns was incredibly valuable. Learning alongside my peers who were going through similar challenges was reassuring too. It reminded me that I wasn't alone in my quest to navigate the workplace


As a result, I now feel like I'm back on a clear pathway of learning and professional development, better equipped to manage my work, communicate effectively with colleagues, and navigate complex situations with confidence. The course was not just educational, both at the macro and micro levels, but also a source of motivation. I highly recommend it to any early career professional seeking to enhance their leadership skills and wanting the mentorship of an outstanding coach like Oliver Gleeson.”

—Alan C.

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Ready to learn more about the Early Career Professionals Program?

Don’t Lose Even One More Employee

Start your team of Early Career Professionals in the 12-week program as soon as possible, and show them that your organization is committed to their future growth.

  • Who is this program for? This program is for any early career professional who you want to see grow in their role. By teaching them the real skills they need to succeed in their career growth plan within your organization.

  • What is my organization’s investment? The regular rate for individual students is $3,497 USD per participant, but group rates are available for organizations who wish to help their teams develop.

  • What if they miss a coaching session? Unfortunately, we do not record the live sessions. I’ve found that it can inhibit participants from sharing their most challenging issues, and we want your team to have the freedom to ask the questions they really need the answers to. However, your team members will still have access to all the video lessons and other supportive content for that week’s unit.

  • What’s the benefit to my organization? By helping your Early Career Professionals grow within your organization, you can reduce turnover, build a supportive company culture, and save untold resources by retaining the top talent available to you.

Remember, unless you start to invest deeply in your Early Career Professionals, you’ll continue to see the results you’re seeing now—disengaged employees with oceans of untapped potential. But when you enroll your team in the 12-week Early Career Professionals Program with Salient Map, you’ll be investing in positive change for the future of your organization’s leadership!

Ready to learn more about the Early Career Professionals Program?

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