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About Oliver Gleeson

Welcome to Salient Map!

SalientMap Oliver Gleeson

By now, you know I am a Consultant, Coach and Trainer who helps privately-owned companies develop the skills and confidence to become great at growing their business. 


If you’ve landed here, you’ve likely been gnawing at the thought of bringing in some expertise for some time.


This is a big decision. 


It’s not like buying batteries on Amazon. You don’t simply ‘click’ and add consulting services to your cart. 

Allowing an outsider to look deep behind the curtain, fully exposing your organization, can be a scary proposition.


I can’t tell you how many companies I’ve worked with, despite their outward success to the public, have a surprisingly low corporate self-esteem behind the scenes. 


A feeling of embarrassment or frustration that the way things are getting done is a mess, and that they are unique in this regard.


This may not be you, but if it is, I have some good news - you are not alone. 


In almost every client engagement I have, this phenomenon exists to some degree. 


It takes great leadership to do something about it, however. 

Blue Surface


Oh, I wish that was my tagline. It’s the tagline for a men's weight loss clinic in my part of the world, but it rings true for so many organizations.


If you feel you are ready to get help and break through the challenges and constraints limiting your company, please continue onward.


You’ll gain a pretty good sense of who I am and what I’m about, and most importantly, if I can help you. 

Speed Resume

I launched Salient Map in 2016 . Prior to, I spent 20 years in senior executive roles, developing a unique, broad-based set of skills that clients tell me set me apart from other consultants they have worked with. I purposely pursued roles that allowed me to gain depth of knowledge in virtually every aspect of an organization that drives the bottom line. 


My roles included company lawyer, strategic development, business development, marketing, operations, project management, innovation and ideation, budget and finance.

How my Background helps You

Wearing all these hats has taught me that business does not operate in artificial silos. Organizational departments greatly rely and impact each other, and in many cases, the core issue plaguing your company is not where you think it is. 


I can see this. And usually, pretty quickly.


I help you avoid the dangers of spending time, money and resources on specialized services that are drilling in the wrong place. 


Above all, I know you. Perhaps not formally yet, but I understand the opportunities, challenges, pressures and perseverance you’ve undertaken to survive and thrive, where nothing is handed and everything is earned. 

I am battle-tested, and can help lead your organization to a better place.

My Services

I help companies develop the skills and confidence to become great at growing their business.

I use a blend of Salient Consulting, Coaching and Training to help you:

Stop getting stuck in minutiae and get beyond reaction or crisis mode.

Start improving how the business is run with less problems and surprises.

Create the strategic road map for sustainable growth that your team can execute.

Build systems and processes that reduce dependency on senior leadership.

And this is what it does for your company:

  • Creates  a “new” company culture of accountability with clear vision, mission and direction for growth.

  • Increases revenue and profit as well as strategic think time for you to work on the big picture.

  • Gets  everyone aligned on the same page, improving productivity, communication and teamwork. Decreases employee turnover. Bolsters employee loyalty and retention.

  • Allows you to spend more of your time on the market-facing activities that have the greatest impact on the business.

  • Increases the value of your organization for potential sale by significantly reducing its reliance on your efforts for success.

Blue Surface

If you are a dynamic, privately-owned company driven to grow, but struggling to break through challenges or obstacles due to time, expertise, knowledge or support, I can help.

My Mission

Why am I doing this?

I love the visceral feeling of excitement and optimism when I latch on to something new. 


However big or small, it is usually something I can apply now. It may be a simple application, or one that takes years to master. 


Regardless of the dynamic, I just know it is going to make my life better, and positively impact those around me. 


That feeling you get of the path clearing in front of you. 


That feeling of anticipation that better days are ahead. 


When you hear yourself saying, “this is going to be good.”


This is a wonderful and inspiring feeling. 


In my work, I frequently get to help others achieve this same feeling.


It is incredibly fulfilling - both professionally and personally.


It’s intoxicating. 


And I’m driven to do it as often as I can.


This is why I do this work. 

I want you and your team to have that potent feeling of excitement and optimism when recognizing something new is going to be BIG.

I am Guided by Three Principles:

1. Salience  

My personal and professional defining characteristic. 


Simply put, the innate ability to identify and prioritize what matters most.  


Instilling this discipline in your organization is critical to prevent the common trap of chasing the urgent at the expense of the important.  


2. Teach, Don’t Tell 


My client approach is inspired by the following proverb:


Give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.


Sustainable growth comes from developing skills and confidence within the organization. 


Simply ‘fixing’ a client issue without teaching those who need to know the underlying rationale, principles or methodology will result in a temporary lift, but an invariable drop back to old ways of doing things. 


Through teaching, not telling, I help companies help themselves. And that is how you achieve breakthrough. 


3. Continuous Improvement 

I help companies improve the business with less problems and surprises.


I emphasize the value of skill development and its positive impact on both individuals and the organization long-term. 


And, I implore business leaders and their teams to never stop learning. 


I think it is fair that you should expect the same from me. 


Earning your trust and business is a privilege. I do not take it for granted. 


I am blessed/cursed with an insatiable appetite for knowledge.


It drives my obsession for continuous improvement.


Your job is to build your business to the best of your ability.


My job is to ensure that I am continuously improving, refining my craft, honing my skills, and ready when called upon. 

In a sense, I am working on your business right now - even if we haven’t met. 


This is my promise to you.


My promise that you always get the very best version of myself. 

About You

Why do I work with you, the Privately-Owned Company?

Well, it is not so much the corporate structure that matters, but rather the characteristics that your privately-owned company has that makes for a great client, and allows me to do my best work.

This is YOU  (criteria usually present with privately-owned companies)

  • Entrepreneurial in mind and spirit - hungry for growth

  • Invested in the business physically, emotionally, financially

  • Can make quick decisions to get things done

  • Your Employees are more engaged and connected to your company purpose 

  • Open to embrace change, new ideas, and new ways of thinking

  • Prepared to get out of your comfort zone

  • Willingness to take action and invest in expertise that can make a difference

  • Inspiring Leader (if your team would say you are a good person, odds are I will too)

  • Public Companies that possess the above characteristics

This is NOT You (also, not my Client)

  • Bringing in outside expertise for the wrong reasons (appease staff/stakeholders, deflect accountability, clearing conscience)

  • Not strongly connected to the success of the business and its people

  • Slow moving organization; bureaucratic; red tape  

  • Disengaged employees  - it’s just a job to them. No emotional connection

  • Stuck, in “this is how we’ve always done it” mode

  • Discount shopper looking for a quick fix on the cheap

  • No RFPs or procurement departments please. I collaborate directly with business owners and decision makers

  • Uninspiring Leader (if your team would say you are an a**hole, odds are I will too)

  • Privately-owned companies that possess the above characteristics

This is US

  • Establishing the foundational pieces to ensure sustainable, long term growth.

  • Improving how their business is run with less problems and surprises

  • working on the big picture and getting out of the minutiae

  • Pursuing the right customers for the business that bring the biggest return

  • Reducing the dependency on your efforts for success

Blue Surface

I am very lucky. 


I get to share in the success of really interesting clients and meet great people.


I have choice in the projects I work on, and I own my calendar. It is a wonderful lifestyle.


More importantly, it affords me the opportunity to passionately pursue my “side-hustle” as a devoted husband and suburban Dad. I don’t think there is a finer gig. 


I get to build many precious moments with my two boys (12 & 7) as their ice hockey coach. Serving my community in this capacity has been an unexpected journey of rewarding experiences and heartfelt relationships. It is the gift that keeps on giving. 


I value integrity, fairness, and a great sense of humour. I have traveled, worked and lived abroad extensively and consider myself fortunate to have maintained great friendships around the world.


I believe in finding the opportunity in all of life’s moments. Not a day goes by where I don't feel exceptionally grateful for all I have. 

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Struggling with Growing Pains and want a Road Map to Success?

Book your free 30-minute consultation where we talk about your business - and explore which service is best to help you achieve your goals.

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