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I help companies develop the skills and confidence to become great at growing their business. 

Stop getting stuck in minutiae and get beyond reaction or crisis mode.
Start improving how the business is run with less problems and surprises.
Create the strategic road map for sustainable growth that your team can execute.
Build systems and processes that reduce dependency on senior leadership.
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Salient Insights: Learn how to Grow with Confidence

Tired of launching another well-intentioned corporate improvement initiative only to see it fail? 

Or, are you truly wanting to think about the business differently and take action, but simply don’t know where to begin? 

Start here. Share with your team. See what you can implement now. And let’s talk when you are ready.

"Our business was expanding rapidly but straining our resources as we were working at a pace that was unsustainable. We needed a strategic plan that could help us determine our path forward, continue to develop the team and the business, but keep us authentic in the music space.  We recognized we couldn't do this on our own, but thought an outside consultant wouldn’t “get us” or be too formal - we have a low tolerance for bullshit or suits and ties. Oliver fit our culture with a process that was both engaging and entertaining. He helped us identify our competitive advantage and build our strategy with a plan we could execute on our own. Our renewed focus and positioning gained immediate results with new client wins and increased media exposure."


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Salient Services to Accelerate Your Success

salient consulting


Consulting to get your organization on an accelerated path to greater profitability. Sets a company culture of accountability, with clear vision, mission and direction for growth.

salient coaching


Coaching to improve your Leadership, Time Management and Bottom Line. Free your time and reduce stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

salient training


Training geared to raise the skill level of your key team members, allowing your company to scale quicker with less dependency on senior leadership for success.

"We were struggling with our overall sales process. Our sales cycle was too long, and the operational and administrative requirements of running a boutique business were inhibiting our efforts for growth. Oliver taught us how to identify and target our highest value customers, dramatically reducing our sales cycle and increasing our revenues. Oliver helped us reinvent our operational processes which has made running the business easier and given us the time to focus on business development."


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How I've Helped Orgs Become Great at Growing Their Business 

Dynamic, privately-owned companies like yours are driven to grow, but often struggle to break through challenges or obstacles due to time, expertise, knowledge or support. Through Consulting, Coaching and Training, I give your team the skills and tools to crush these constraints with confidence.  Client Success includes:

  • Creating  a “new” company culture of accountability with clear vision, mission and direction for growth.

  • Increasing revenue and profit as well as strategic “think” time to work on the big picture.

  • Improving productivity, communication and teamwork amongst key staff, and reducing dependency on senior leadership.

Through teaching, not telling, I help companies help themselves. And that is how you achieve breakthrough.

SalientMap Oliver Gleeson
Hi, I’m Oliver

I’m a strategy and execution consultant, coach and trainer who works with privately-owned companies who believe they are great at what they do, but not great at growing their business (and don’t possess the internal ability to fix it themselves). My expertise will help you develop the skills and confidence to ensure sustainable, long-term growth with less problems and surprises — even if you feel you don’t have the time to implement real change due to your existing workload. 

Struggling with Growing Pains and want a Road Map to Success?

Book your free 30-minute consultation where we talk about your business - and explore which service is best to help you achieve your goals.

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