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Executive Coaching Built for Early Career Professionals 

Breakthrough strategies & acceleration hacks to unlock the professional skills you need, enhance your impact and influence, and get the recognition you deserve.

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If you are:

  • Feeling like your career, which started with such optimism, is not moving fast enough.

  • Struggling to make the impact you desire at work, with a sense that you are not being taken seriously.

  • Feeling stuck or completely lost far too often, and aren’t even sure you know what you are doing.

  • Excelling at your job and have a thirst for more but feel like you have hit a ceiling, leaving you feeling unsure, overwhelmed and frustrated on how to break through to the next level.

Then understand that these problems are not your fault.

The real culprits are a lack of experience and real-world professional skills, that are:

Delaying your development and impact at work.

Denying you the respect and recognition you want and deserve.

Taking a toll on your confidence and self-worth.

Feels Familiar?

Then you should know, the
right program can show you how to put an end to all that. 

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Are you ready to break through to new heights in your career?

Introducing: Executive Coaching Built For Early Career Professionals

Executive Coaching Built for Early Career Professionals is the Program that will help you “cheat” experience, by teaching and training you like a high-performing Senior Executive. You can learn TODAY what knowledge and skills it took those above you years to acquire and accumulate.

Together, we achieve breakthrough results through a two-pillared approach:

1. The MACRO (what you NEED): Executive Level Skills to unlock your talent and put you on a path of career ascension and income.

2. The MICRO (what you WANT): Coaching, Tips and Hacks to make you better at work and more confident RIGHT (bleeping) NOW (in other words, immediately).

What Is Executive Coaching Built For Early Professionals?

This 7-week online Program with live group sessions will empower any Early Career Professional to think, act and perform more like a C-Level Executive (CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, etc).


You will learn how to get taken seriously at work and make a meaningful daily impact, without taking years to figure it out alone.

When You Join You Will:

Experience a huge boost in confidence as your new skills are noticed and appreciated by senior colleagues, opening doors to new opportunities, responsibilities and higher-value projects.

Get validation that your increased skill set is making a greater impact at work, proving that you are needed and valued by the people that matter.

Say goodbye to “inexperience frustration”, and the days of feeling lost and out of place.

Speak in Client and Executive meetings with authority and confidence, just as you would with your friends and peers.

Understand how to better navigate your organization, including getting things done, finding opportunities outside of your department, and broadening your network.

Separate yourself from your peers and get access to opportunities that once passed you by.

Discover that your ability to learn and improve is faster than ever before, turning you into an expert in conversations and topics that seemed foreign.

Notice yourself being taken more seriously at work, getting invited to more senior level conversations, and seeing more of your ideas implemented and acted upon.

Catch up to those ahead of you on the company ladder (surpassing some along the way) and get a regular seat at the leadership table. And…

Get promoted, make more money, and be in charge of your career!

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This 7-week Program includes live groups sessions, recorded video content,  coaching, and training exercises that will accelerate your development.

Weeks alternate between live group content (4 sessions) and recorded content (3 sessions), and you can expect 1-1.5 hours per week time commitment.


Since this offer to join the Program is for a Pilot session, the course structure may change as things progress. You and the other students will be able to contribute to those decisions based on what will support the best outcomes for the group. That also means you’ll get a bonus…

Your Exclusive Bonus For Joining This Pilot Session: 

The benefits of a Pilot is that I get to offer bonuses that will not be included with the “full program” once it goes live. At the end of the seven week Program, each participant will be offered an intensive 30 minute one-on-one where we will tackle an item of pressing interest to you in return for feedback on the Program and Content. 

Program Schedule:*

The Program will start the week of Monday, May 2nd, 2022

  1. Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 - 1:00-2:30 p.m. EST - Program Launch: Introductory Live Group Zoom Session 

  2. Week of May 9, 2022 - Video Recorded Session #1 with worksheets (THEME - EXECUTIVE PREP)

  3. Week of May 16, 2022 -  Group Live Call #1 

  4. Week of May 23, 2022 -  Video Recorded Session #2 with worksheets (THEME - EXECUTIVE SKILLS)

  5. Week of May 30, 2022 -  Group Live Call #2 

  6. Week of June 6, 2022 - Video Recorded Session #3 with worksheets

  7. Week of June 13, 2022 - Group Live Call #3 (THEME - EXECUTIVE STYLE)

  8. Week of June 20, 2022 - BONUS one on one calls with Early Career Professionals


My plan is to run these intensive training sessions for $897. But you don’t have to pay that right now to join. This Pilot session of the Program will be only $247*. And that includes the Bonus one-on-one session at the end of the Program at no additional cost.

* Approximately $197 USD and $149 GBP as of April, 2022


Deadline to apply is Friday, April 29th @ 2:00 p.m. EST

Let Me Take All The Risk:

I have helped countless Early Career Professionals gain knowledge, confidence and empowerment through my mentorship.

At the end of the Program, provided you have participated in all sessions and completed all the exercises, if you don’t feel that you are better prepared as an Early Career Professional and more confident and optimistic about your potential, I will provide you a 100% refund.  

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Ready to Join?

Places are genuinely very limited. They will fill up FAST. And this is the only time I'll be offering a high-value one-on-one recap session free with this program. 

Meet Your Instructor:

Hi. My name is Oliver Gleeson.


I am an Executive Coach, Consultant and Trainer. Through my company, SalientMap Executive Consultancy, I help C-Level Executives (CEOs, COOs, CFOs etc), Business Owners and their Teams develop the skills and confidence to become great at growing their business. 


Although I am privileged to impact organizations at the highest levels, I also have a real soft spot for mentoring Early Career Professionals and helping their careers take flight. See, I struggled mightily during the formative years of my career, often unsure of what to do and feeling I had to figure it out all on my own. 


I know first hand the frustration, aggravation, and draining confidence brought on by a lack of experience and real-world professional skills.


Hate is a very strong word that I rarely use. If I am being brutally honest though, I hated this feeling.


So much so, that I made it my primary area of focus at every stage of my career to share, teach and mentor Early Career Professionals at every opportunity.

I didn’t want anyone else to feel how I felt.


I didn’t want anyone else to feel how you’re feeling now. 


I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve pulled aside an Early Career Professional and said “this took me 5 years to learn. I’m going to teach you this in 5 minutes!”


To share this knowledge and see Early Career Professionals apply, succeed and grow quickly is beyond satisfying. It never gets old.


And this is what I want to do with you.


My goal is to help you overcome feelings of frustration and insecurity due to your lack of experience and real-world professional skills, so that you can be taken seriously at work and make the impact you desire, without spending years to figure it out on your own. 

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Why Your Professional Skills Make All The Difference

Here are the facts: 


Right now, people at work are talking about you.


Right now, people at work are judging you and forming opinions about your potential.


Right now, people at work are making decisions about your development and if you’re worth the investment.


It can be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s the reality of the situation. I know this, because as an Executive Coach and Consultant I participate in these conversations with Business Owners and Executives daily. 

But what if we could influence the conversations people are having about you? 

What if…

  • You had skills and knowledge on par with the senior colleagues you most admired? How good would you be? What could you achieve? 

  • Managers, bosses and people that matter were taking notice of your work and more opportunities began to present themselves?

  • You were now in greater control of your career ascension and income?

And what if it didn’t take years for this to happen?


If that sounds like a dream, then I have good news: it can be your new reality.

So if you believe you have more to give. 


If you feel frustrated, confused, angered, or any other negative emotion and it’s stemming from your lack of experience and real-world professional skills...


Let’s put an end to that for you, starting now.

Places are genuinely very limited. They will fill up FAST. And this is the only time I'll be offering a high-value one-on-one recap session free with this program.

What Questions Do You Have?

I love questions - they’re the ultimate insurance policy to ensure I am bringing you clarity and serving your needs.

Email me at, or let’s have a 15 min live chat which you can book by clicking HERE.

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